Identifying and Recovering from Storm Damage

storm wind damage dayton ohio Billions of dollars goes toward fixing and recovering from storm damage every year, causing a major inconvenience to home and business owners.

Storm and wind damage can permanently ruin your roof, siding and windows if it is not identified right away. Today we’re going to focus on roof, window, and other storm damage, since it can be hard to identify.

Preparation Before a Storm Hits

Though damage is not always avoidable, there are way to reduce the chances and the amount of storm and wind damage being done. Here are a few ways to prepare and decrease storm and wind damage:

    • Trim tree branches away from roof and windows
    • Schedule a roof inspection prior to future storms
    • Protect windows by installing storm shutters or using plywood to cover windows
    • Close curtains inside to contain flying glass in case a window breaks
    • Make sure all outside objects (outside furniture, toys, tools, etc.) are brought inside since flying objects can cause damage from wind storms

Common Roof Damage

Common roof damage includes holes in the roof, split seams, missing shingles, collected particles in gutter or downspouts, leaks in the roof and dented vents and/or gutters. Depending on the type of shingles you have, damage varies. Asphalt shingles will bruise or dent and concrete, tile, and slate shingles will crack or break.

Assessing Roof Damage

The first and most important step to roof damage is identifying the type of damage that has been done, whether dented, torn, curled, or missing shingles or a serious leak. Without immediate identification, the damage will slowly deteriorate your framework. Noticeable types of damage include water spots, wet insulation and visibly damp framework, but going through the following storm damage checklist is highly recommended.

Storm Damage Checklist:

    • Assess roof for missing or damaged siding
    • Check yard and outside areas for fallen trees
    • Inspect attic and ceilings for leaks and water spots
    • Check gutters, roofing accessories and windows
    • Call a professional like Active Restoration to properly fix storm damage

Active Restoration’s trained professionals are available 24/7 to assess, cleanup and repair storm and wind damage in the Dayton Ohio area. They will restore your home or business as if there was no damage to begin with.

Written by Chrissie Parker
on August 4, 2014