Your Insurance and Water Damage

If your home is water damaged, you’ll obviously be concerned about getting the water out of your home and starting to dry everything out. But once those immediate concerns are out of the way, you’ll need to contact your insurance company and find out what exactly is covered.

Unfortunately, there may be some issues there that you’re not expecting. Not every policy covers water damage in the same way, so you might want to double-check your policy now before the flooding starts.

Water Damage or Flood?

This is one of the key points of your policy: the cause of the damage. Many will separate water damage from a flood.

A flood is often defined as external water coming into your home. This can occur when a river overflows its banks, during a tsunami, or even when it rains so heavily that the water has nowhere else to go but into your home. If one of these natural events is the reason your property has been damaged, be prepared for your insurance company to tell you they can’t help. Most homeowner’s policies do not cover floods. If you live in an area where flooding may occur, your best bet is to get a flood insurance policy.

Water damage, however, is often covered by insurance. Water damage occurs when water damages your home before it damages the ground around it. That may sound strange, but this definition means that your insurance will pay for leaks in your roof, damage from a burst pipe, or problems that arise from a defective sump pump. Anything inside your home is usually covered.

It’s a Fine Line

Don’t always assume that something you consider water damage is something your insurance will see as such. Always talk with your insurance agent after damage occurs to see if there’s anything at all that can be covered. For example, if a major flood occurs, you may have to leave your home for several days until the waters recede. If your home is broken into during this time, your insurance may or may not cover the theft. It all really depends on the policy and how it’s written.

Mold and Insurance

One of the reasons why it’s so important get water damage dry out services to your home as soon as you can is because having water in your home promotes mold growth. Mold can lead to a number of serious health issues, plus it can damage your home and greatly reduce its value. This is another case where insurance policies vary. In many cases, it once again comes down to the source. Mold caused by flooding probably isn’t covered. However, mold caused by water damage from a burst pipe may be.

Working to Repair your Home

In many cases, the plumbing and restoration services companies will work directly with your insurance to handle all payments. Active Restoration in Beavercreek, Ohio, for example, accepts insurance payments and will handle all the necessary paperwork on our end. This makes your life much easier, especially since you’ll be dealing with the damage to your home.

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Written by Elise
on March 20, 2015