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How to Prevent Drain Clogs and Back Ups

Having your drains clog or get backed up is no fun, especially if it means you have to call a professional plumber and have the entire line dug up and fixed. That can be very expensive, especially since some homeowner’s …
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The Importance of Check Valves for Drains

A check valve is a special type of value that only allows liquid to flow in one direction. That’s why it’s sometimes also referred to as a one-way valve, a non-return valve, or a clack valve. These valves are very …
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How Spring Rains Cause Sump Pump Failure

The spring is here, and for those in many areas, that means rain. While those April showers might bring May flowers, they can also bring flooding and water in to your basement. That means your sump pump may need to …
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