Most Common Causes of House Fires

July and August tend to be the hottest, driest months in the upper midwest region.

fire-89353_640While we’re nearing the end of what’s usually a drought season and moving into a wetter fall, house fires are still a cause for concern. Because, realistically, they can happen during any season whether it’s wet or dry outside.

To keep you prepared and on the lookout for potential fire hazards around your home, our team of fire damage restoration experts in dayton ohio put together a brief list of the most common causes of house fires.

Electrical Equipment

What most people don’t realize is that something as small as a toaster can cause a fire that can get out of hand and destroy your home.

It’s important to make sure that your small appliances don’t have loose or frayed cords, that those cords aren’t running under any rugs or heavy furniture, and that you aren’t overloading your electrical outlets.

Flammable Liquids

Liquids such as cleaning solvents, paint thinners, paints, and even adhesives are often some of the most flammable objects you keep in your home. The vapors of these products alone can easily ignite a fire from high temperatures or a spark of static electricity.

It’s important to make sure these types of liquids aren’t stored near any sort of heat source. In fact, it’s better if they can be stored outside the home in a cool, well ventilated area.


House fires are most commonly caused by cooking. Plain and simple. Ovens and stovetops are the most common culprits, but most often it’s usually chef error that causes the fire.

When cooking, make sure you’re always within eyesight of what you’re doing, especially if using high temperatures or hot oils. And, remember to keep your utensils, bowls, and items like oven mitts and paper towels away from the heat sources.

Remember, these are not the end-all, be-all causes of house fires. Be on the lookout for other potential hazards to avoid the destruction and devastation house fires can cause.

Written by Elise
on August 18, 2014