Common Causes of Sewage Line Blockages

water damageSewage line blockages are another messy situation that homeowners do not want to deal with. They can be caused from multiple causes, so today we are going to go over the most common reasons.

Tree roots

Tree roots are the biggest cause of sewage line blockages and can cause a big problem for homeowners. When tree roots get too big, they will start to grow inside the pipes and end up blocking them. This is caused from the roots forming root balls, which clogs the lines. You can prevent this by making sure not to plant tree or large shrubs near sewer lines.

Foreign Objects

Like we talked about in our last post about toilet backups, foreign objects being flushed down the toilet is a common reason for sewage line blockages. Tampons, sanitary napkins, miscellaneous children’s toys, diapers, baby wipes, paper towels, cigarette butts, floss, dryer sheets and other items made of paper or cotton are often found in blocked pipes. Make sure to throw these items in the trash, not the toilet.

Oil & Grease

Another common reason for blockages is oil and grease being rinsed down the sink. The grease could be from cooking things such as bacon or simple ingredients like mayonnaise, butter, and cooking oil. When rinsed down the sink, the oil and grease will cool down when it reaches about 25 feet down the sewage line and it will harden. Over time, it will build up and block your sewage line. Make sure to dispose of all oil and grease with your trash.

Also be cautious of rinsing other things like coffee grinds, orange peels, or eggshells down your sink. These will cause blockages as well, even if you have a garage disposal.

Old & Weakened Pipes

Unfortunately pipes tend to get old so they rust, break open and cause a sewage backup. This happens when they get too old and start to deteriorate. This can be fixed by simply considering an upgrade and replacement of pipes.

Homeowners should not have to deal with messy sewage line blockages, which is why Active Restoration takes care of all your water damage needs. Contact us today!

Written by Chrissie Parker
on October 24, 2014