Dangers of Summer Heat

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Grilling & Bonfires

Summers are all about grilling and bonfires, but make sure you are staying safe before you cook up your hamburgers and hotdogs or starting roasting some delicious s’mores. Dealing with flames means you could light your house on fire if you do not take certain precautions in advance.

Precautions to take when grilling:

  • Make sure there isn’t anything flammable on your grill.
  • Keep a safe distance from your house.
  • Wet coals and stir them out when throwing them out.
  • If the fire gets out of control, close the lid.

Precautions to take with bonfires:

  • Make sure the bonfire is not near dry leaves, dry grass, and branches.
  • Do not let the fire get too big and out of control (keep something on hand to put it out in case it does).
  • Double check that the fire is completely put out when you are finished.
  • Do not leave the fire unattended.

If you do end up having property damage contact Active Restoration for your fire damage restoration needs in Dayton, Ohio.

Electrical outages

Short term and long term power failures happen because of many different reasons. Power failures can lead to other issues, especially in the summer. For example, your air conditioner being shut off and causing excessive humidity levels or your sump pumps power being interrupted, resulting in flooding.

What to do when your power goes out:

  • Check to see if the main fuse or circuit breaker could be broken.
  • Unplug all appliances with electronic modules, because when your electricity is fixed, voltage surges could permanently damage them.
  • Check for flooding in the basement, but do not walk through the water if there are still electronic modules plugged in on that level in case electricity turns back on.
  • Call professionals to restore power lines.

Make sure to keep a power outage survival kit in your home in case your power goes out. The kit should include (but is not limited to) a flashlight, batteries, candles, matches and water.


No one wants mold in his or her home, which is why keeping humidity under control by using an air conditioning is important during the summer. Excessive humidity levels cause microbial growth, dangerous bacteria not only to your health but also to your home. Any sign of mold needs to be taken care of right away to avoid severe mold damage. You can decrease your chances of mold damage by making sure you clean all areas of your home, since mold could grow in areas that you can’t see like ducts and vents.

Unfortunately, some damages are unavoidable in the summer, which is why Active Restoration is always available for all your restoration needs.

Written by Chrissie Parker
on August 26, 2014