How Clogged Gutters Cause Water Damage to your Home

If you have gutters, you know that they require periodic cleaning. They collect leaves, dirt, debris, and even things like dead animals throughout the year, which is why many people clean them out at the beginning of every spring and again at the end of the fall.

While it’s no fun chore to get out the ladder and climb up and down it cleaning out this gunk, the alternative can actually be even worse: water damage. Here are a few ways that clogged gutters can cause your home to incur water damage.

Damage to your Roof

If your gutters are clogged, water cannot run off the roof into the gutters and then down to the ground as it’s supposed to. This means the water has to go somewhere. If it can’t flow into the gutters, chances are it can’t get down to the ground at all. This means water is now going to be standing on your roof. This water may be able to get under your shingles and start causing them and the wood that makes up the roof to rot.

Eventually, you’ll have to have a new roof put on. You’ll most likely realize this is the case when you see water leaking through your ceiling, which can lead to mold and water damage to things under the leak. If this occurs, you’ll need water damage dry out; Dayton Ohio customers won’t want to wait to contact a professional.

Damage to the Gutters and Side of your Home

When gutters are clogged, they fill up with as much water as possible until water starts to back up. This water and the debris in the gutters can weigh a good amount and may cause the gutter to start to come unattached from the side of your home. This also creates gaps in the gutter system that lets water run onto the wood fascia that makes up the side of the roof, leading to rot. Clogged gutters have even been known to completely pull away and fall, potentially damaging your property further or even injuring someone.

Foundation Damage

Without gutters to ferry away the huge amount of water you may get from the rain, all of that water is going to come pouring down and hit the foundation. If it works its way into the foundation, it can cause cracks, leaks, and even shift your entire house. It can leak into your basement, leading to water damage and the growth of mold, or it can get into the cracks in your sidewalk or driveway and damage it.

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Written by Torrch
on August 24, 2015