The Importance of a Quick Response to Water Damage

waterdamageexpertsWhen something goes wrong in your home or business, chances are it happens at the most inconvenient time. And, that usually means you’re not prepared for the next steps.

This is especially true when you have water damage to your home or business.

Luckily, we make it our business to help you get prepared, and back to the regularity of life, as quickly as possible.

The Benefits of a Quick Response

Water damage, whether it comes on slowly or all at once, is not something that can be ignored. That’s because the longer the water sits, the more damage it will create. A few examples of potential damage include:

Structural Damage The longer water has to seep into structures the more likely it is you will have damage. This includes structural components such as flooring, drywall, carpets, and even insulation.

With quick remediation to the water near/on these components, the easier (and less costly) it will be to dry them out, and restore the damaged area to its original condition

Timely Settlement When the insurance companies are involved, the settlement won’t be finalized and paid until the restoration process is completed. So, the quicker you have the damage fixed, the quicker your insurance policy will cover the damages.

Mold Growth This is one of the most time-sensitive reasons for a quick response to water damage. That’s because mold can begin growing on surfaces and within structures after only a few hours of water exposure.

To keep these bacterias and viruses from thriving within this type of environment, it’s important to remove both standing water and water that’s soaked into structures.

If you have questions about water damage to your home, make sure to contact the water experts at Active Restoration, so we can get you on the road to recovery before any further damage is created!

Written by Elise
on September 29, 2014