Tips for Organizing your Basement to Keep your Belongings Dry

If your basement floods, one of the worst sights in the world can be that of all of the treasures you were storing damaged beyond saving by the water. Many people keep old items from their parents or their childhood in the basement, and while they may never intend to take them upstairs and use them again, simply having them helps them feel connected to their past.

In some cases, what’s in the basement may be worth a lot of money, while in other cases, it has only sentimental value. In either case, even calling on water damage dry out services may not be able to help, especially if the items were made of paper or other easily-damaged material. Fortunately, with a little organization, you can keep your belongings nice and dry.

Make use of Shelves

In most cases, the items that were water damaged during a flood were damaged because they were sitting on the floor. If you get everything up off the basement floor and onto shelves, it will be much more protected. This will also help you organize your items, too, making your basement look much less cluttered. If you have to choose what to store where, put the more valuable or more easily damaged items up at the top.

Get Island Shelves or Displays

Your shelves aren’t limited to being around the walls, either. Look for island shelves that are meant to be situated in the center of a space. They have shelves all the way around, plus the top may be used as a table or another shelf. Some are even larger than this and are more like displays you’d find at a store.

Keep Clear of the Drain

Your basement may have a drain set in the center of it. If it does, keep your items clear of this drain. Without it, any water that comes into your basement is going to be trapped there.

Use Plastic Storage Bins

A lot of people either sit items directly on the floor or use cardboard boxes, but both of these methods can easily lead to damage. Instead, put everything that you can into plastic storage bins that are watertight. You may even want to do this for things you’re keeping on the shelf, especially on the lower shelves. You can find these boxes in a variety of sizes, including some fairly large ones.

Hang Items

If you have things that can be hung from the ceiling or put on the walls, consider doing that. It will keep them up off the floor and out of the water. Plus, having things on the walls can help make your basement feel a little more welcoming.

Keep the Clutter to a Minimum

Keeping your clutter to a minimum will help make it easier to get things out of the basement if it does flood, plus it will reduce the amount of stuff you have to remove. It also means there’s more room on your shelves, too. Don’t let your basement fill up until it’s nothing but stuff from wall to wall—a flood then would be disastrous.

Written by Torrch
on May 27, 2015