Toilet Backups: Causes & Preventions

water damage dryoutToilet backups are not only messy, but can also be costly. Clogs can lead to bigger issues such as damaged flooring and plumbing pipes.

More than often, people think it would be easiest to just flush any type of garbage down the toilet. It all goes to waste anyways, right? False. Unless the object being flushed is biodegradable, it will clog your toilet.

Common Causes of Toilet Backups

1. Too much toilet paper

You should try to aim for 4-5 sheets of toilet paper and no more than 6 sheets per use. Try not to flush huge wads with only one flush. Courtesy flushes are recommended.

2. Flushing harmful objects

Majority of household clogs are because of tampons, sanitary napkins, and items like toys being flushed by curious children. Diapers, baby wipes, paper towels, tampons, sanitary napkins, cigarette butts, floss, dryer sheets, or other items made of paper or cotton will clog your toilet, since they are not biodegradable and do not dissolve properly. Toilets are only designed to dispose of human waste and toilet paper, other items need to be disposed of in a trash can. Other harmful objects include toys being thrown into the toilet by children, so it is advised that you keep the toilet seat closed to prevent this.

3. Accumulation of waste

Just like too much toilet paper, too much human waste can be too much for one flush to handle. Just like when using toilet paper, courtesy flushes might be necessary.

Simple Preventions

  • Do not flush large amounts of toilet paper in one flush.
  • Keep the back of the toilet clear of miscellaneous items.
  • Keep the toilet seat closed or locked with a child safety lock.
  • If the flush is slow or weak, do NOT try flushing it again and address it immediately before a more serious clog happens and the toilet overflows.

A licensed plumber will usually need to be hired to unclog serious backups caused by obstructions. A basic plunger can sometimes be used for minor backups and for a temporary fix, but to get to the source of the issue.

So what if you’re too late? Your toilet has already overflowed and a huge mess has been left for you to deal with. No worries, call us at Active Restoration today! We will take car of it with our water damage dry out services.

Written by Chrissie Parker
on October 15, 2014