What to Consider When Choosing a Restoration Company

Do you need to hire a restoration company? If so, you’ll find that you have many different options, especially if you live in a larger city, like Dayton. Rather than simply picking the first company you come across, you should take a few minutes to learn about your different options and decide which restoration company is going to be able to do the repairs to your home on your budget and your schedule. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a restoration company.

Can They Meet Your Budget and Deadline?

This is one of the biggest questions. Some of the large restoration companies may have so many clients that they can’t meet your deadline. Make sure that the company you work with is going to be able to get the job done when you need it without breaking the bank.

Cheaper Isn’t Always Better

This is one of the cases where you really need quality services. If your restoration company doesn’t get all of the water out of your rooms, it can lead to mold, which in turn leads to health issues. Make certain that you’re going to get quality service.

Some companies are cheaper than others, but if you come across one that is significantly cheaper than all of their competitors, you should do a little more research before hiring them. They may cut corners somewhere.

Check Their Certifications

All restoration companies should be certified, so make certain the one you select is. This certification is going to be required if your insurance is paying for any of the repairs. Even if they aren’t, being certified shows that the company’s crew has the training necessary to do the restoration.

Don’t Pick Contractors who aren’t Specialists

Yes, you may find general contractors who say they can restore your home after it has been water damaged, but these contractors are not restoration specialists. They may not have the proper equipment or training needed to know how to fully remove all water from your home and make certain that no mold will grow in the rooms that flooded. Don’t take the chance that the person you hire doesn’t do the job correctly.

Has the Company Worked with your Insurance Before?

If your insurance is going to pay for some or all of the restoration, ask if the restoration company has worked with the company before. If they haven’t, there could be some hiccups along the way simply because the company doesn’t know the correct procedures for working with the insurance company.

Ask Around

Finally, before picking a restoration company, ask around. If your friends recommend a company such as Active Restoration in Dayton, Ohio, you can take them at their word. Reading reviews online can be helpful, of course, but be cautious: you never know if that glowing review was written by someone who works for the company instead of an actual customer.

Written by Torrch
on July 31, 2015