Storm Damage


While living in this part of the country is so beautiful, the seasons are always amazing.

Along with the season comes many different types of elements due to the drastic weather changes. With these drastic changes come severe storms that can sometimes leave a trail of damage.

From bone chilling winters and hot humid summers to tornadoes and high winds.

Many of these storms can be very damaging causing hail, ice dams, wind or water damage.

Services Include
icon Storm Damage
icon Fallen Tree
icon Missing Shingles
icon Missing Siding
icon Broken Siding
icon Broken Shingles
icon Wind Damage
icon Hail Damage

Storm Wind Damage

Storm and wind damage to your home or business is always an unfortunate and stressful thing to deal with on your own. But, you do not need to be alone throughout the process. Hiring an industry professional can help make your damage seem like a minor inconvenience.

Our experienced team knows the best ways to deal with storm wind damage for Dayton Ohio area residents and business owners. That’s because they are trained in the most effective ways to secure your structure before anything else begins. They do this so no further damage happens to your property while the cleanup and rebuilding process begins.

Next, our trained professionals will work to completely clean up the affected areas to the point where there is no longer debris or visible damage. We will then repair any visible or non-visible damage and restore your structure to a like-new condition.

We will work directly with you and your insurance company, providing proper documentation, detailed and accurate scopes, plus a clean and safe environment and customer service while rebuilding your home or business.

Contact us today to talk further about your storm wind damage in the Dayton Ohio area, so we can take away your stress and work towards getting your structure to look like it is brand new again.

Immediate Response

24 Hour Services



  • We Bill Insurance Directly
  • Mold Remediation
  • Quick Response, Customer Service

We guarantee quick response, customer service 24 hours per day throughout your entire process.



  • Certified Techs Available 24/7
  • Anti-microbial treatment

If the damage affected any windows, doors or your roof, our team will board-up the affected areas to ensure your property is secure throughout the process.


Cleanup and Restoration

Our team will work to ensure your home or office storm wind damage in the Dayton Ohio area, is restored to pre-damage condition. Our team will then assess, cleanup, and repair all damage, and then work with your insurance company directly for payment.

Questions? Contact us today to learn more about our services or to talk to us about your emergency service needs.